B-Faer, we care.  Let me help you.  Trusting someone with your personal needs is a big deal to most people.  Finding the right person is invaluable.  Let me share a little about myself.  I was raised in New Jersey where I received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice.  Subsequent to graduation, I moved to Broward County Fl.  I began a career in law enforcement and recently retired after nearly 30 years with my most recent assignment as a Police Chief of a local municipality.  During my long distinguished career I was in charge of many successful units and planned many law enforcement events as well as general community events.  I also earned a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling.

I have been the leader of as many as 100 people at a time and the one thing that I always stressed to those who I have led was to “treat people as you would want your own family treated if they needed help.”  I bring that same sense of customer service to B-Faer Personal Service Solutions LLC.

Many times during my busy career, occasions arose when I could have used an extra set of hands, eyes, or ears in my home.   My wife was a teacher who also had a busy schedule.  Occasions arose where neither one of us could take a day off to meet a repairman, delivery service or other circumstances that required someone to remain at home.  Finding someone that I could trust in my “castle” was just not something that I could do.  During those days, I thought that when I retired from law enforcement, I would like to provide that type of service to others.  I thought that having a retired police chief assisting with your personal life would be reassuring.  Hence, when I retired B-Faer Personal Service Solutions was born.

I will personally perform all work that is contracted. If you need help with something, give me a call, I’m sure that we can come up with a solution to whatever personal services that you may need.